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Experimental ChangeLog 0.60.133258
Experimental ChangeLog 0.60.133258

New Things:

Assault Backpack
Dirt Bike Helmet
Dirt Bike Helmet Mouthguard
Dirt Bike Helmet Visor
Slacks Pants
USMC Jacket
Fishing Rod
Reflex Sight (fits FAL, M4A1, MP5-K, UMP45)
New Buildings
Radio station
Radio tower
Radar platform
Industrial building (one-story)
Industrial building (two-story)
Military Watchtower
Ski lift
Storage shed (non-enterable)
Wooden platforms
Guard house
Newly Enterable Buildings
Two-part industrial building
Tan/aqua industrial building
Long gray industrial building w/ pool
Gray brick factory building (re-done since 0.59)
New "Dean Hall" infected model
Infected now spawn in a variety of outfits including firefighter, paramedic, etc. (67 total varieties)
Human Steak (new model)
Mass graves (improved)

New Mechanics:

Pressing the reload key ("R"Wink now chambers a round or cycles the bolt depending on which weapon you're using; magazines and clips must be used via the hotbar or inventory screen
Weapons which are not automatic or semi-automatic must be manually cycled after each shot (e.g. Mosin, MP-133)
FN FAL now accepts optics attachments
Tripwires with a grenade attached now detonate immediately upon activation
Players are now able to carry backpacks in their hands
Infected are now able to jump/climb over some obstacles
Central Loot Economy
Magazines now spawn with a random amount of ammunition inside
Weapons have a possibility to spawn with magazines or attachments
Vehicles now spawn with a random set of parts attached (doors, battery, etc.)
Backpacks, Clothing, and Vehicles now sometimes spawn with items inside them

New Locations:

Tisy Military Base
Lake Glubokoe
New Fields

Updated Locations:

Berezino (outskirts)
Industrial Site at Malinovka

Programming & Game Engine:

First iteration of new renderer technology (visuals only)
Switch from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11
Improved environmental effects such as lighting, bodies of water, volumetric fog, rain, etc.
Improved video performance (FPS) (work-in-progress)
User Interface
Previous "New UI" is now standard and mandatory
New welcome screen and main menu
New inventory screen, including the ability to zoom in/out on the character and see what they are holding
New server browser, including a "Password" column as well as incompatible version numbers listed in red and compatible in green as a replacement for previous icons
New settings menus, including single page video settings
Vehicles and some other containers (i.e. fireplace) get reworked inventory
Consumable items now show their % as a bar at the bottom of their inventory space
Temperature of items is now indicated with blue for cold, not just red for hot
The "View Contents" action is no longer necessary to loot a dead player, and their inventory is now separate from "vicinity"
Blaze 95 Double Rifle renamed to B95
CZ61 Skorpion is now 6 slots (3x2) instead of 12 slots (4x3)
PM73 RAK is now 8 slots (4x2) instead of 12 slots (4x3)
Tactical Shirt is now 2 slots (2x1) instead of 1 slot
SVD 10Rnd Mag is now only 1 slot
Infected now have their own inventory
Bear Trap, Land Mine, M4A1, AK101, and UK Assault Vest are spawning again
The "Hide Body" action now has a 20 second delay

NOTE: As of build 132940, Clouds are intentionally disabled and HDR cannot be set any higher than "Very Low."


Individual base items can no longer be used to craft multiple arrows
Exploitable gas tank at Veresnik barracks has been relocated

Known Issues:

Freshly spawned player may appear to have no clothing
Pistol on 'hip' slot is placed under feet on the character's model
Characters sometimes able to look through walls when equipped with a ranged weapon
Are able to hit you at a distance when you go from prone to stand
Can sometimes lose their texture
Sometimes run through walls after getting stuck on stairs
Hits registering with a delay when infected attacks player
May attack you at a distance for the first couple of attacks
Paramedic infected are visually disappearing at a certain distance
Anything placed in the "hands" slot during an action can disappear permanently
Suppressors have no effect
Some damaged, badly damaged, and ruined items are using the pristine texture
Arrows do not show when attached to a bow
Programming & AI
Animals can get stuck on obstacles
Client FPS may drop to zero when clouds are enabled
Error message: “Cannot open object dz\plants\dead\d_fagussylvatica_fallen.p3d”
Error message: “unable to load WoodTwinOpen from CfgActionSounds”
Items are not persistent after server restart (including ammunition, magazines)
Corpses are frozen in their last pose after server restart (e.g. standing/kneeling)
Other players may appear to be stuck in a climbing animation
User Interface
Remote tab doesn't work properly on server browser
Unable to dress another player when they are unconscious, dead, or restrained
Redundant action "View Content" is present
Unable to open inventory screen while floating or swimming
Vehicles can suddenly stop moving
Players are unable to exit when a vehicle is stuck between obstacles
Players driving vehicles will have a delayed view of other players driving vehicles
There may be an input delay when driving with another car in close proximity
The driver of a vehicle may experience a rollback when getting close to another vehicle
Weapon attachments are "twitching"
Weapons that are thrown after swapping (weapons) can get stuck in your hands
Grenades will "do their function" only if thrown
Flash grenades have an inconsistent blinding effect
Reloading and chambering weapons on the ground isn't registered until character takes weapon into hands
Bolt action or pump action weapons with an internal magazine are able to fire two shots without chambering a new round between shots

Found in the Files:

Coyote Backpack
BDU Pants
NBC Suit
Sneakers ("Converse Chucks" variant)
Telnyashka Undershirt
Battery Charger
Camouflage Blind (small)
Camouflage Blind (large)
Camouflage Cover
HESCO Bastion
Improvised Shelter
Improvised Tent
Improvised Tower
Mobile Audio Transceiver
Night Vision Goggles
M249 Para
PB Pistol
Saiga 12K
Bow Sight
M249 Para Handguard
M249 Para Magazine
PB Pistol Magazine
PB Pistol Suppressor
Saiga 12K Buttstock
Saiga 12K 5Rnd Magazine
Saiga 12K 8Rnd Magazine
Saiga 12K 20Rnd Magazine
Thermal Scope
Dirt Bike
Gypsy Caravan (Wood, Metal variants)
Radar Command Building
User Interface
New user action icons
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