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perkshortrequired LvLdescription
AmmoAMMO1Gives you up to twice more ammo for your primary weapon and handgun. When combined with EXPLOSIVE perk it also gives you more underbarrel granades. Extremly useful for infantrymen.
MarksmanMRKS1Grants access to long range and sniper rifles in primary loadout section and gives you Rangefinder instead of Binoculars. You get more ammo fpr sniper rofles when combined with AMMO perk.
LauncherLNCR1Grants access to rocket launchers and ATGMs in Secondary loadout section. You get additional rocket when you also have EXPLOSIVE perk equipped.
EngineerENGR1This perk lets you repair any vehicle on the battlefield to a working condition. Repair takes time so make sure you are covered.
DiscountDCNT1This perk reduces price when buying your last loadout after respawn
MedicMEDC1With this perk you start with much more medkits at your disposal as well as twice quicker revive time. Each revive gives you additional monetary bouns.
IndefatigableFTGE3With this perk your fatigue restore much quicker. Very useseful for loadout with heavy weapon and lots of ammo.
SilencerSLCR5This perk adds a sound supressor to your primary weapon if it supports a supressor. Compatible with some sniper rifles.
ExplosiveEXPL8This perk adds an underbarrel granade launcher for your primary weapon if it is compatible with it. Additionally you get more grenades, smoke grenades and an explosive charge as well as additional rocket for your launcher.
DesignatorDSNR10This perk gives you a Laser Designator instead of Binoculars which has built in thermal vision, night vision, variable zoom as well as able to designate targets for attack helicopter
CountermeasuresCMSR12With this perk you will automatically deploy countermeasures in aircraft when incoming guided rocket will be detected
MachinegunnerMGNR1Open access to light machine guns.